Social Forum of Eastern Europe and Cooperation between East and South - March 2016 - Wroclaw, Poland

The initiative of Forum has been born as the result of discussion with our friends and comrades from Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine and others countries. We recognized that it is a time to start the discussion, exchange the experiences and join in the fight for the better world.

Together with friends and comrades from North Africa and Greece we analyzed the political and economical situation in our regions finding many similarities. Construction of solidarity among societies which are under the pressure of peripherisation is one of the main aim of Forum.

During the Forum we want to analyze the past time of so-called real socialism but we want mainly to focus on our common cooperation and actions now and in the future. Our aim is to build the links among left organizations and activists in our region and Mediterranean area and struggle together!

Join us!


Friday March 11th. 2016.

The opening of Forum: 18.30-21.00 Speeche of guest supporting the Forum   

Exhibition of Tunisian and Syrian painters: (Naila Al Wardi and Naila Hanna): 21.00

Saturday March 12th. 20016

FIRST SESSION: 10.00-11.30

            Capitalism, Economical Transformation and Health

                        Militarization of Eastern Europe. The role of NATO and the Wars Provocation. Ukraine Issue as the Example of Making War in the Region.

                        Ethno-Nationalism and Racism as the Tool of Creating the Social Conflicts.

SECOND SESSION: 11.40- 13.40

         Balance of Real Socialism in Eastern European countries.

            How Feminism is Linked to the Social Struggle? Feminism for Emancipation        or Feminism for Identity?


Lunch: 13.40-14.10

MAIN SESSION: 14.15-16.00

Peripheralization of eastern Europe and Mediterranean Area. Public Debt and TTiP as the Tool of Neocolonialism

Demonstration 17.30-19.30 h Concert 20.30- 24.00 h

Sunday March 13th. 2016

FIRST SESSION: 10.00- 11.30

      -Strikes, Demonstration, Workers Demands. How to Fight Together in Eastern Europe?

      - Anti-fascist and Anti-racist Action Specially in the Context of Refugees

      - Balkan federation Idea as the Project of Overcoming the Peripheral Position.

SECOND SESSION: 11.40-13.40

          Trade Unions and Social Movements –  Anti-imperialist, Ecological etc. –  in Eastern Europe and North Africa. Latin America and Strategies of Social Changes. The Project of Cooperation.

          Socio-economical Consequences and Political Meaning of “Shock Therapy”.

Lunch 13.40- 14.10

MAIN SESSION: 14.15-16.00

How to Build the Political Consciousness in Eastern Europe. How to Build the Common Strategy for our Region, the Alternative Consumerism, Ecological Issues and How to Coordinate our Collaboration?


                                                                                                            Monika Karbowska, Naila Wardi,

                                                                                                    Piotr Lewandowski, Ewa Groszewska

Another world is possible